Mehdi Chourib — Moderator

A dynamic entrepreneur, Mehdi Chourib founded T-SCOP as global player in information security, operating across Germany, the United States, France and Dubai; specializing in managed security services, advisory services, GDPR compliance, identity and incident response for enterprise level organizations. Mehdi’s ability to understand industry trends and to successfully analyse enterprise business security demands have supported him achieve the profile of a global cybersecurity expert. He regularly shares his expertise with entrepreneurs community. Mehdi is a scientific researcher in the field of information network information hiding (network covert channels and network steganography). He also lectures regularly on information network information hiding at the University of applied sciences in Worms (Germany). Over the last 10 years of professional experience, Mehdi Chourib has covered several aspects of the information security: leadership, organizational, governance, compliance, technical and operational; and includes many industries such as the automotive, information technology, retail and health care sector. In his former role as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) group at Yazaki European Group, he led the implementation of European GDPR across many countries. Mehdi is a speaker and panelist on worldwide cybersecurity conferences. He has made several publications in the field of privacy and cybersecurity, including:
– Mazurczyk, W., Wendzel, S., Chourib, M., & Keller, J. (2019). Countering adaptive
network covert communication with dynamic wardens. Future Generation Computer
Systems, 94, 712-725.
– M. Chourib (2019) Detecting Selected Network Covert Channels Using Machine Learning.
International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation.